Fronts 3D

F100 Made of MDF with a thickness of 50mm or 38mm at the highest point. However, at the milled edge, the thickness of 18mm is such that the hinge can be installed without problems.

F102 / 1 The thickness of 28mm or 22mm is great in the form of decorative panels for the wall as well as fronts for furniture.

Patterns can be made in mat and gloss.

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Fronts with cracked varnish finish

To provide our clients with the state-of-the-art products we introduce new designs and techniques, like fronts with a cracked varnish finish. The cracked varnish finish is achieved by the application of special varnishes and a special painting technique, which produces a spectacular effect each time.

Frostbite or Picasso effects are also available – see the gallery.

see the gallery below